William Forrest Pitts

Member of J.I.P. & Associates Inc. Team

William Forrest Pitts Member California Sales Marketing Firm

William Forest Pitts is a graduate of the Music Theory program at the University of Alabama. Before his time with JIP & Associates, Inc. he had nearly fifteen years of experience as a wine buyer, educator, and consultant. He joined our team because he was looking for a radical shift in his career trajectory; William wanted to try something completely different. After talking with Jerrick, William felt an immediate affinity, he knew that he wanted to work with Jerrick and learn all he could. William’s favorite part about JIP & Associates, Inc. is the uncanny balance between competition and support amongst our representatives and managers. Coming from the cutthroat wine industry William finds it very eye-opening that he is actively encouraged to reach out to talk through any challenges he is experiencing. “There is a better way!” In the short-term, it is William’s highest priority is purchasing a car. As far as long-term goals, he plans to build his son’s meager college fund up into one that he can entirely rely upon for his higher education. He does not want debt concerns to stymie his aspirations. He would also, like to launch a small publishing house to release not only his work but also that of younger writers that he is intrigued by. William's favorite quote is “to make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee/one clover and a bee/and Revery/the Revery alone will do/If bees are few” – Emily Dickenson.