Mohamed Gad

Member of J.I.P. & Associates Inc. Team

Mohamed Gad  Member California Sales Marketing Firm

Mohamed Gad is a Computer Science and Business graduate from Minerva at KGI. He joined JIP & Associates, Inc. in January 2021 to challenge himself, try something new, meet new people and gain experience in a field that he was not previously familiar with. Mohamed's favorite part of being on the JIP & Associates, Inc. team is the ability and freedom to grow. Mohamed enjoys the growth structure and that people get awarded based on their work ethic and performance. Mohamed's short-term goals are to keep growing the business and checking all the leadership points to be able to pass down any knowledge or skills that he has to other people at JIP & Associates, Inc. In the long-term, Mohamed wants to build his own business and help teach others around him to follow their dreams. He believes you are only one decision away from a completely different life.