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Jerrick Member California Sales Marketing Firm

Jerrick Powell began working in the Marketing Industry at Next Generation Marketing, Inc. working with his mentor Kevin Braden about 6 years ago. When Jerrick started, he had no business experience and very little to his name. Working with Kevin, really opened his eyes to the entrepreneurial mindset. Jerrick had 20 years of sales experience before starting at Next Generation Marketing, Inc. but quickly realized this opportunity is unlike anything he had experienced before. The coaching and training that was provided were top-notch, very in-depth, and personable. Everyone in the organization genuinely wanted to see everyone else grow both personally and professionally. Over his 6 years at Next Generation Marketing, Inc., Jerrick worked his way up from an entry-level position and learned everything he needed to know about how to run his own business. In September of 2019, Jerrick felt his skill set was strong enough to take his shot and open his business, J.I.P. & Associates, Inc. Now Jerrick runs J.I.P. & Associates, Inc. in partnership with Next Generation Marketing, Inc. and as a team, they continue their mission to provide an opportunity for others to grow and develop to become partners with J.I.P. & Associates, Inc. and Next Generation Marketing, Inc. This business has been a life-changing opportunity for Jerrick and his family and now Jerrick looks forward to providing the same opportunity to others to change their finances and life as Next Generation Marketing, Inc. did for him.