Creativity | Real-Time Feedback | Personal & Professional Growth

Embark on a Modern and Innovative Journey With J.I.P. & Associates Inc. 

At J.I.P. & Associates Inc. when we launch a campaign, we strive to deliver outstanding results using fresh ideas and modern techniques. We work with an insatiable desire to understand clients' products or services. Besides this, we also use various direct campaigns where our associates interact with consumers, build rapport, and demonstrate our clients' offerings. This strategy helps us collect real-time feedback from buyers and get to know what attracts them and what doesn't.

We feel that our people at J.I.P. & Associates Inc. build our business, and without their efforts and hard work, we can't succeed in what we do. We are a dedicated team of professionals with an endeavor to derive the best output for the clients. Our goal is to ensure that our associates don't feel stagnant and unambitious due to a challenging work environment. Here, they are a part of an ecosystem that is healthy and conducive for personal and professional growth. The team plays a crucial role in ensuring confidence and productivity while having fun.

How we help our clients

At J.I.P. & Associates Inc. we understand that people will only respond to relevant, compelling experiences. Therefore, we don't spend on marketing initiatives that don't have any effect. With years of experience, we know how to draw a customer's attention. Our marketing strategies reflect thorough research, which helps us connect our clients with revolutionary services.

Our Strategies


Communicable Messages

Our hands-on strategy and out of the box campaigns set us apart from the competition. Whether it's branding, product exposure campaigns, or focus on organic growth, we plan and use the best medium to directly pass on our clients' message to the target audience.

Reliable Research

Our energetic team consists of creative and well-trained professionals who understand the value of acting swiftly to outpace the competition and increase our partners' profitability. Once we know the brand, we perform thorough research to recognize who their ideal buyers are and identify the potential conversion rate to build a plan that will work. We excel in implementing ideas that are most impactful.